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Turisteando Por Mis Sueños Students Touring For Their Dreams


Touring For My Dreams

In August of 2023, Manos de Dios sent a small team to Honduras with the purpose of meeting and planning with our partners. One of these meetings centered around our Manos de Dios scholarship students in college as well as those who have become professionals. Together, we put together an idea for a career fair for the younger students themed around touring the country. Each destination represents a career area with the industry or field it is associated with.

 Over the next few months, we continued to collaborate with our students on this fair. Through the use of WhatsApp group chats, we created a logo and assigned leaders to the different areas. Just in time for our January 2024 mission trip, we had programmed an immersive and spectacular career fair titled “Turisteando Por Mis Sueños”.

The “Destinations”


La Ceiba - Civil Engineering

San Pedro Sula - Industrial Engineering

Olancho - Agricultural Engineering

Francisco Morazán - Systems Engineering  

El Paraíso - Nursing

Comayagua - Medicine and Dentistry

Islas de la Bahía - Psychology

Copan - Marketing

Puerto Cortes - Business

The Fair

Blessed To Bless Others

Educated and empowered, our Manos de Dios college students and professionals pulled out all the stops in order to enlighten the next generation of bright students about the world of opportunities available to them. Leading by example, the young adults treated the youth in their community to presentations and activities based on their careers. Thanks to the efforts of our young leaders, Manos de Dios ensures that the next generation is better prepared as they graduate from high school and try to decide about their future.

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