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  • We are always looking for people that are willing to support the Honduras Manos Ministry in person or remotely by volunteering in various areas:

  • Participate remotely via Zoom supporting our Manos Scholarship Programs. Volunteer as a....

    • Virtual guest conversing with our Club Intercambio/ESL students via Zoom on a given day or days. This is an English as a second language program that meets on Saturday mornings in person in Danli, Honduras.  No formal ESL training required.​

    • Club Aventura participant during our book club discussions. Discussions can be held in Spanish and/or bilingual. Spanish language proficiency helpful but not necessary.

    • Buddy/Amigo connecting with one or more of our Club Intercambio/ESL students to help them practice their English and learn about other cultures. 

  • Participate in person in fundraising events by helping in various ways including...

    • Coordinating event​

    • Selling tickets

    • Attending booths

    • Providing entertainment, music, etc.

    • Promoting event

  • For more information, please contact us at 

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