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Slices of Life - Education 

Melissa graduated in 2022 with a B.A. in Nursing.

Katherin graduated in 2021

with a B.A. in Nursing.

Marizol graduated in 2022 with a degree in Civil Engineering

Lupita graduated from high school in November 2022. Currently she is a freshman in Pre-Med school. 

Cesy  is at her house with her family receiving the news that she got the Manos scholarship.

Katy Lorena graduated in 2022

with a degree in Industrial


Left photo: Jose Anibal with his cousin Danery when he was 11 years old. Both were Manos scholarship recipients. Jose Anibal graduated in 2015 as a Civil Engineer. Right photo: Danery is currently studying pre-medicine at the Catholic University.

Manos scholarship high school seniors taking a college tour at the Universidad Politecnica and the Universidad Catolica in Danli

Students building a hydraulic generator with a turbine system formed with spoons and an electric generator as part of the Brillantes Program. 

Cecia graduated in 2021 with a B.A. in Psychology

Club Aventura gathering after discussing the book El Secreto de mi Turbante with author Nadia Ghulam connected via zoom

Alejandro 2.jpg

Alejandro celebrating his graduation with

his mom Dinora in 2021. He has a degree in Computer Science.


Our 2022 high school seniors organized a fun party celebrating their graduation. Congratulations to Allan, Lupita, Axel, Karla and Erlin. 

2023 Manos Scholarship recipients including 8 students in 7th grade, 1 student in 9th grade, 1 student in 10th grade.

Martha Celeste is currently on her last year of studying Odontology. She is working with a patient. 

 UTSA graduate students enrolled in the Technology in Language Teaching and Learning course teaching virtually to students in the Club Intercambio (ESL club).

Our 2023 high school seniors pose in front of Universidad Politécnica de Honduras. Congratulations to this graduating class! 

Our seniors on tour! Staff from UNICAH Campus Santiago Apóstol and Universidad Politécnica de Honduras lead our students across their campuses, exploring classrooms and facilities.

Our Brillantes STEM program was successfully completed in August 2023. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and congratulations to our students.

Our Brillantes STEM program students preparing a presentation.

Slices of Life - Community Outreach

Construction team installing a roof for a family in San Lorenzo as part of our Casitas Project to improve living conditions.


Vision clinics conducted in Danli and surrounding villages. We have fitted over 5000 glasses over the years.

Working together with the scholarship students, parents and members of the community collecting trash in soccer fields, streets in the neighborhood and public places like a hiking trail to an important landmark in Danli, the Cross of Krizevac.


Slices of Life - Entrepreneurship

Manos has partnered with local non-profit organizations to develop workshops for women in the community to assist them with development of micro-enterprises in the areas of sewing and baking.

Slices of Life - Spiritual Growth

Manos team during a Vacation Bible School (VBS) session including crafts, music and stories with a group of 50 children (ages 3-12) in the village of San Lorenzo.

Celebrating services at the Iglesia Episcopal Manos de Dios in Danli, Honduras

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