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Vision Clinics - Bringing clarity to so many

For the past 20 years, the Manos Team has been working together with our in-country partners conducting vision clinics. We have fitted over 5000 pairs of glasses in Danli and remote villages without access to healthcare.mote villages without access to healthcare.

Manos a la Obra - Don't mess with Danli's
clean-up campaign

The purpose of our Manos a la Obra program is to raise awareness around the importance of being active agents in keeping our surroundings clean and protecting the environment. In the past we have worked together with our Manos Scholarship Program students, their parents, and members in the community cleaning areas in the colonia Nueva Esperanza and surrounding areas.


Casitas Project - One casita at a time

The Casitas project involves construction efforts with the intention of improving the living conditions of families in Danli and surrounding small villages. Some of the projects have included rainwater collection systems, a new kitchen, new roofs among others.

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Food Relief - Helping hands in action

The financial situation in Honduras has been critical for a long time and has worsened due to the pandemic. Moreover, during November of 2020, Hurricane Eta hit Honduras and not long after, the country was further devastated by Hurricane Iota.


During 2021 and 2022, Manos distributed food to many families in desperate need living in Danli, Honduras and remote communities such as Valle de Jamastrán, Santa Maria, Jutiapa, Chichimoral and Poteca. We were able to deliver over 800 food baskets, which benefited approximately 4300 individuals.

Copa Manos - "Futbol is Life"

A joint effort between Manos and our friends in Danli, Copa Manos is the name of a friendly soccer match organized for the community of Nueva Esperanza. With this exciting event, Manos rallies community members of all ages to promote athleticism and sportsmanship through the ever popular sport of soccer.

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