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Catracho Corner August 2022


Martha Celeste has been part of the Manos Scholarship Program since 7th grade. Initially, Martha was studying Medicine until she decided to switch to Odontology. It was not an easy decision for her, but she realized that her true passion was Odontology. She is currently in her fourth year of Odontology at the Catholic Universtiy in Teguciglapa. Her dream is to become a maxillofacial surgeon.

"One thing that I love about Odontology is that it allows me to combine the fields of health and art. I really like it when I am making a wax mold and having to be precised with all of the details, the color, the shape, etc. Also it is fascinating looking into the pathologies, reconstructions, and malformations.

Studying Odontology has made me realized that I have an artistic side on me that I never knew before. I love the science, health and art aspects of my future profession".

Catracho or Catracha is synonymous with the term Honduran. "Hondureños" is the proper term for a Honduran, but locals prefer—and use—the term Catracho.

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