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March 2022 Manos Ministry Updates

Meet the 2022 New Manos Scholarship Recipients

Welcome to our new 11 Manos scholarship recipients that we added for this academic calendar year that started in February of 2022. While the Honduras Manos Scholarship Committee interviewed the candidates in person at the Manos de Dios Church in Danli, we were able to participate during the selection process via Zoom.

We have a wonderful group of new scholarship recipients including:

8 students - 7th grade

1 student - 9th grade (1 Beca to Go)*

2 students - 10th grade (1 Beca to Go)*

This past January we had our Manos Scholarship ceremony at the Manos de Dios Church where we officially awarded the 2022 scholarships. In addition, we recognized the students that made the Manos Honor's roll based on their academic efforts in 2021.

Daniel Cruz, Roberto Salgado and Danery Avila graduated from high school in November 2021. All three are freshman at the Catholic University in Danli, Honduras.

*Becas to Go are scholarships awarded to students who live in remote villages where schooling goes only through 9th grade. These scholarship students move to Danli where they can continue with their education.

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