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Programa Brillantes: A STEM program partnership with Texas State University


We are thrilled to share the news that the Manos Ministry has been working with Texas State University developing a STEM program called BRILLANTES.

The Brillantes Program is an Electrical Engineering & Algebra program for 7th,

8th and 9th under privileged students living in Danli, Honduras.

Dr. Araceli Ortiz and Cindy Rojas Annicchiarico from Texas State University

developed an innovative STEM curriculum to help motivate students and get them excited about careers in Math, Science and Engineering in the future. They have been training our Honduranteam formed by Prof. Candy Rordiguez, an outstanding Math teacher, and two student aides (Kimberly & Julio) who are Industrial Engineering students and recipients of a Manos and IEEE scholarships.

This program has been possible thanks to a grant from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and PCIC. Special thanks to Peter Baen, Bob Amos, and Patrick McCarren for all their support and encouragement during the IEEE grant application process.

Prof. Candy Rodriguez, Kimberly Figueroa & Julio Vallecillo


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