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Travel Award Opportunity – Deadline Sept 29, 2023

College Students and Young Adults 18-30



Manos de Dios was recently awarded a grant to bring young adults on mission to Honduras. This comes after a successful mission trip in January 2023, when two young adults, the recipients of a travel award granted by the College and Young Adults ministry of the Diocese, joined Manos de Dios in serving the community of Nueva Esperanza in Danlí.

These two young men, Dani Jaime and Colin Besch, are planning on returning as part of the 2024 team. They hope to serve alongside long standing Manos members and new recipients of the travel award grant.

The following are statements regarding their experiences serving with Manos:


“It was hard to say goodbye to all my new friends, but I made sure to tell them how much of a pleasure it was to visit their country and get to know them!”

Colin enjoyed connecting with the Club Intercambio/ESL program during his visit.


“It truly was a wonderful experience being so well received and loved by the people of Honduras. God is at work here and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to serve.”

Dani enjoyed practicing his Spanish and connecting through soccer.

Why should college students/young adults apply:

This mission trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build relationships and impact the lives of others as well as your own! Serving with Manos is a chance to discover leadership skills in an environment that’s different from your own.


Manos de Dios serves the people of Danlí, Honduras.


This mission trip takes place January 3rd-10th, 2024.

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