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Club Intercambio: Connecting & Exchanging Stories with Manos Team Remotely


Nixia telling us a story about how to crack a coconut...

Every Saturday morning, our Club Intercambio, which is an ESL Club offered to our Manos Scholarship students, gets together for class and activities to improve their English language skills. This past Saturday, four of the more advanced students prepared a story in English and read it to some of our Manos team members via Zoom. After they presented their stories, they asked us to tell a story ourselves.

Fr. Allan Conkling doing a "show and tell" with his lively accordion...

Fr. Allan Conkling decided to tell a story about his Conjunto music accordion lessons that he started taking recently. He even played a little for us. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to share some of their accomplishments with us and to listen to native English speakers as part of their learning. There will be more opportunities in the future for members of the Manos Team to get involved this way and get to exchange (intercambiar) language phrases, stories, culture, and spend time together with our students.


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